Report Severe Weather
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Current SkyWarn UK Weather Alert Status
What to Report

This form should be used to report the following:

  • Large hail (15> mm)
  • Heavy, flooding rains
  • Heavy, disruptive snow
  • Wind gusts of at least 55 mph (thunderstorm)
  • Wind gusts of at least 70 mph (non-thunderstorm)
  • Tornado
  • Funnel cloud
  • Waterspout
  • Damaging Lightning
  • Ice Accumulations
  • Ball or other lightning phenomena
  • Avalanche
  • Fuller detail can be found under the Warning Criteria tab


Severe Weather Event - Report Form

Please enter your Spotter ID (if you have one)
Event Type
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Time of Event (24 hr)
Event Duration
Location of Event
Maximum Measurements (if applicable)
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