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Home to the SkyWarn UK spotter training modules and other resources.


Training Centre

PLEASE NOTE: the UK spotter test is currently offline. To register please use the US site here and then forward your results email to Chris@Skywarn.org.uk

Our spotter training is carried out online through the SkyWarn UK Training Centre. Currently the spotter training program consists of a multi-topic 'Core Module' and a 25 random question test. Topics covered include severe weather safety, thunderstorm basics, and why spotters are needed.

Who can join?

SkyWarn UK welcomes any who wish to join us as a spotter to complete the required training. Spotters must be a minimum of at least 18 years of age. There is no charge for becoming a spotter and member of SkyWarn UK, and there never will be.


The training centre is currently being re-written: