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SkyWarn UK GFS Plotter

A free resource allowing users to plot a range of variables using the latest GFS data


SkyWarn UK GFS Plotter

Using the options below you can view a range of plots generated by the GFS forecast model. This plotter is free to use.

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Surface Based Plots

2m Temperature [°C]
2m Relative Humidity [%]
10m Wind [Kts]
MSL Pressure [mb]
Precip Rate [mm/h]
Precip 0-6hr [mm]
Potential Temperature [°C] [EXP]
0-10cm Soil Temperature [ºC]

Atmospheric Plots

1000-500 Thickness [dam]
SBCAPE [j/kg]
MLCAPE (0-180mb CAPE) [j/kg] [EXP]
(CIN) Convective Inhibition [j/Kg]
(LI) Lifted Index [°C]
Best (4 Layer) LI [°C]
Low Cloud top Temp [°C]
Mid Cloud top Temp [°C]
High Cloud top Temp [°C]
Precipitable Water [kg/m^2]

Height Based Plots

  Select Height

Temperature [ºC]
Wind [Kts]
Relative Humidity [%]
Absolute vorticity
Vertical Velocity [EXP]
Vertical Wind (m/s) [EXP]