Current SkyWarn UK Weather Alert Status

Mission Statement

To provide an effective, efficient, and coordinated system of observing and reporting severe weather phenomena utilising a network of trained severe weather spotters across the UK and Eire.



SkyWarn UK is the only nationally and internationally recognised SkyWarn network in the UK and Eire. We were founded on 1st July 2009 by Rich Byett and have been operating ever since. We utilise this website to provide basic weather data, educational articles, as well as a means of warning of severe weather. This website also serves as a front-end for our severe weather reporting system, which is supplemented by reports made to us via twitter and facebook. All reports we receive are quality checked and then passed on to other relevant organisations including TORRO, the UK Met Office, as well as the European Severe Weather Database. We have also assisted with media enquiries.


SkyWarn UK is a volunteer organisation. We are headed up by Chris Sargent (Head of SkyWarn UK). We also operate a small network of 15 Site Investigators. These site investigators undertake site visits to ascertain the likely cause of weather related damage and to provide an idea as to the likely intensity of the event. In addition to the above, we also have a network of over 140 registered storm spotters, all of whom have completed spotter training. These spotters are the eyes and ears on the ground and our primary source of severe weather reports. Anyone can become a spotter as long as they are over 18 years of age - find out more by clicking on 'Spotter Training' above.


SkyWarn UK is part of the European SkyWarn Network, an umbrella organisation that all European national SkyWarn groups are a part of. Skywarn® and the Skywarn® logo are registered trademarks of the NOAA used with permission. Our SISTERs project sees a small team of SkyWarn UK spotters visit the USA to assist in severe weather observation occasionally.

Storm Chasing

SkyWarn UK is not primarily a storm-chasing organisation. SkyWarn UK spotters who engage in storm-chasing do so at their own risk and completely independent of their involvement in the SkyWarn UK program. SkyWarn UK accepts no responsibility for anyone participating in storm-chasing and accepts no liability for damages arising from the use of SkyWarn UK reports in stormchasing.